coL vs. tK CTF

Here’s what we know and what I was told.  The CTF game went to overtime and tK captured first at 36 seconds. Then, coL captures a flag with 0.3 seconds remaining, but both screens show victory, and the score screen shows that both teams captured in 36s.

The 36s is obviously a rounded number.  Decimals aren’t pretty and so game developers try not to show them even if they have to use them in the background.  However, since both teams’ screens show “victory”, the number actually might be rounded in CTF’s game mechanics.  The way number rounding works is that anything 5 and above goes up, and anything 4 and below goes down.  In other words, 35.6 -> 36 and 36.4 -> 36.

Now here is the frame before tK’s capture:  Notice that the timer shows 4:23.  This means that OVER 36s had expired because each round is 5 minutes, and 4:23 + 0:36 = 4:59.  The extra tenths of a second are OVER 36s and not under.  coL received 36 seconds to capture their flag, and they did so with .3 seconds remaining.  This means that they captured in UNDER 36s.

coL wins.


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